Brittany Bohn’s Audition Advice

It is so wonderful to be able to share with you the audition advice of Brittany Bohn, who is currently tearing it up at the Goodspeed Opera House as a swing in their production of MAME!  I met Brittany doing MY FAIR LADY at the Westchester Broadway Theatre.    She was always such a breath of fresh air to be around – up for anything with the most positive sparkling attitude one could imagine.  She was a dressing room cheerleader who easily endeared herself to all!  In addition to being one of the most beautiful dancers I’ve ever had the pleasure to worth with and/or watch, she has a gorgeous voice!  Gorgeous enough to score her the Eliza Doolittle understudy position!  It was such a joy to watch her work on that role during rehearsals, and I hope one day audiences will be treated to her Eliza Doolittle!  Without further ado – here is Brittany Bohn’s audition advice!




Can you share a little bit of your dance background?

I first began performing in my living room to The Lawrence Welk Show and other oldies with my neighbor who we called Grandma Lorie. After we moved when I was 5, I didn’t start studying dance with a studio until I was in the 4th grade and that started a 9 year run with a dance studio in Atlanta called the Vista Grove Dance Centre. I studied ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, hip hop, lyrical, theatre dance, etc… In 8th grade I decided to go to a performing arts high school where I was exposed to modern dance among the other styles I already studied and the world of theatre and other art forms. From there I went to Point Park University for a BFA in dance with a Jazz emphasis and a minor in musical theatre. I performed in the concert dance shows but focused mainly in the musicals. My favorite experience in college was performing as Louise in our production of Carousel. I’ve performed with the Pittsburgh CLO, Westchester Broadway Theatre, The Little Theatre on the Square, Atlanta Lyric Theatre and will be seen at The Goodspeed Opera House in April.

Where do you like to stand during auditions and why?

A dance audition to me is a place that I feel the most comfortable with my abilities. I make sure I get to the front because that’s where I focus and work the best. Everyone is different, you have to figure out where you have to be for yourself. When I’m in the front I can see what I’m doing compared to what the choreographer is doing and I have room to do it. In saying that you should always be respectful of the other people around you, even though it seems like we’re fighting for our lives sometimes. It’s never ok to get there after someone and stand right in front, just try in a respectful way to get out on the dance floor as quick as you can. If the back is where you like it, sometimes it can be roomier than right in the middle. Whatever you do, don’t hide in the back because your afraid.

What do you wear to auditions?

I personally wear tan tights, tan Laducas, and a hot pink strappy leo. You should wear what you feel hot in and what shows off your lines. You shouldn’t be thinking about if your hair is gonna fall down or adjusting your leotard. Everyone has their own style they feel comfortable with, so show your charisma.

Do you have any advice on picking up choreography quickly at an audition?

Don’t psych yourself out, breathe and tell yourself you know what you’re doing. Then if you’re struggling: pick up the style and feel of the choreography first then concentrate on the big picture and last focus on the details. They say it’s “ok” to have little mess ups but if they don’t see you understand the style of movement they don’t have anything to go off of. Ex: Charleston doesn’t mean lyric ballet…



Would you suggest asking the choreographer questions if you are having trouble in an audition? If so which kind?

I’d wait until they ask if anybody has questions and then limit yourself. They will probably go over everything they’re looking for so pay attention. There are good questions and opportunities however to show them that you’re thinking of details or acting. It’s fine to ask them to show a small part again but speak up and be specific on what you’re talking about. Also pay attention to other people’s questions- DO NOT ask the same question someone else has. APPLY THE CORRECTIONS THEY GAVE YOU FROM YOUR QUESTION!!!

If you were to recommend one style of dance for a singer who moves to study – which would it be and why?

BALLET or MODERN fundamentals. And don’t just take class that you’re comfortable with. But then again, go boost your confidence with a style that you love when you’re feeling down.

April 16, 2012 |