Musicians Acquiring Muslces 2.5

Everyone eagerly awaiting part 3 – I promise it’s coming! We’ve had a little delay due to our musicians’ incredibly busy schedules, but don’t you worry! It will be up soon! As a preview – here is Eva’s blurb and a photo of an inspirational exercising corgi!  (If he can do it so can you!)





Tech week #1 down! The production of La Traviata that I’m in opened this past Friday, so things were a bit nuts. I was in a rehearsal every evening and worked during the day, so take what you will from that… It was also my birthday on Thursday… so my physical workouts were confined to how fast I could power walk to rehearsals and how fast I could consume copious amount of chocolate cake.

With regard to performances- I really think I would benefit from a nice yoga session before warming up and getting into costume. Granted, time is an issue for me, but the nights I took a moment to stretch (in between curling my hair and struggling with fishnet tights) really helped me focus. Since I’m on the brink of a 2nd Tech week now for a production of Suor Angelica- I’ll try to remember this!

The craziness that is my current schedule will subside in about two weeks, after which I plan to find a new place to go Salsa dancing, and hit up some Zumba classes. While in a dress rehearsal this week I was thinking just how grateful I am for my dance background- I can’t imagine how I would know how to hold myself and navigate a stage without it. Opera singing is VERY physical, contrary to popular belief, and it becomes very apparent once you leave the practice room and get up on the stage. If you know how to move it makes life so much easier, and performing that much more fun!

May 14, 2012 |