Musicians Acquiring Muscles Week 4

Come to think of it, we probably should have started this mad physical fitness experiment at a time all three musicians weren’t facing finals or multiple tech weeks and operas running in rep.  But we did.  And truth be told, that is part of the joy of these entries.  Despite ridiculously grueling schedules, physical fitness still found it’s way of creeping in, even if not in the copious quantities we three had hoped for.  (I’m not going to lie – I had grand delusions of all three of us emerging from this month super fit bikini models who could lift a city bus with one finger.)  Even if we aren’t giving Gisele Bundchen’s body a run for its money just yet, I do think we can all feel very good for “filling each unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run.”  So let’s see how we did on week four!



Okay, does watching hockey count? Go Kings!

In all seriousness though…I’ve realized a major contributor to my exercising and how well I move. My bag. From my excessive efforts to walk more, I have noticed which is more effective. Of course, I get more tired when I have this huge ass thing slung over my shoulder with all my sonata scores and teaching folder and computer and blah blah blah, but I wonder if it actually helps me exercise. Meanwhile, walking faster without the weight of the bag gets my heart rate up more, I feel like I’m actually moving versus dragging. So, my goal this week was actually to take less around and put less pressure on my back. My shoulders certainly thank me for it. Now let’s see if I can un-tight enough to do some actual exercise.



This week started off pretty rocky- I was exhausted and starting to not feel well (which is NOT allowed for the time being!).  Luckily, I managed to fight off whatever was coming over the first few days of the week with an arsenal of vitamins, water and my trusty neti pot.  I was fine by Thursday night (opening night of Suor Angelica with Opera Manhattan), largely due to the fact that I took Thursday and Friday off work and slept alllll day.  Sometimes it is SO important to just give your body the rest it needs, even if your schedule doesn’t cooperate.  I’m now at the end of a glorious 4-day weekend and thanks to an hour long one-act opera, I’m rejuvenated enough to trek back to work and Traviata!

I managed to eat a *little* better than I have been lately, all hurrying and stress considered- mostly because I realized I’m at the top of the 5-pound range that I normally waiver between.  I made a point to walk every chance I could during my extended free time, instead of taking the train 2 or 3 stops (mostly home from the theater every night), and always took the stairs.  On Saturday my roommate and I managed a 3.5 mile walk along the Hudson (resulting in much needed roomie catchup time and a fierce sunburn that will be hard to disguise in my Flora costume…), and today I spent basically from 4:30-9:30pm running around like a crazy person doing errands for the opera.  It worked out well!  My week ended on a good note in any case- I bought a new swimsuit from H&M that I don’t even hate. :)



This week I felt the world was conspiring against me exercise-wise!  I fully planned on taking pilates Monday, but an audition kept me late so I didn’t make. I was then going to try a later yoga class with my friend Danielle, who is convinced she can take me to a class that will make me fall in LOVE with yoga.  However, this particular class had a sub so we decided to not take class and just do a pilates workout in her living room instead.  I’m lucky to have such a wonderful friend who is a certified pilates and zumba instructor!  We did a living room workout completely with “magic circles” and “therabands.”   Tuesday I went to take my new favorite jazz class with Lisa Gajda, but there was substitute, so I left.  (Normally subs are great!  I don’t necessarily encourage leaving when there is a sub, but in this case I had my reasons!)  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were filled with auditions and Saturday I had THREE shows!  So I’m going to count dancing on stage in two shows as my exercise.  The third show I don’t really dance, but I do run up and down stairs a lot between the dressing area and the stage.  Sunday we had a matinee and the weather was so gorgeous I went on an hour long power walk.  For a girl who usually takes a dance class a day, these past few weeks have seemed a little meager on the exercise circuit – but HEY!  Studies show WALKING may be the best exercise there is!    And if NPR can post this meme , walking must be legit!   Plus, when the weather is a balmy 72 degrees without a cloud in the sky, who wants to be indoor taking a class.  Get out and enjoy nature!




May 21, 2012 |