Candace Takes Pilates

Guest Blogger Candace Chien has been gracious enough to write an entry about her first experience with Pilates!  Here it is!

* * *

“Hooray, I have officially done something that counts as exercise, not me trying to label something mildly active in my life as exercise. This coincides with my summer starting, where only work and practicing are priorities so hopefully I can keep it up.

Our lovely blogmistress Megan had a Pay-What-You-Can Pilates class today and it was my very first pilates experience. I even went out and bought a brand new mat! Now, my previous experiences in classes are yoga, so it was interesting how different it was. As a side note, it was intimidating being in a class where there were people who’ve obviously practiced before, or are at least physically active. However, Megan made it an incredibly welcome for all levels so I didn’t feel too much like a supernoob. It was much more mentally engaging and generally more active than yoga and I don’t really feel like there’s this stretched out rubber band feeling in my arms and legs, which isn’t really what I need anyway. My abs will cry tomorrow morning, and that I certainly DO need. I definitely walked away feeling much more aligned and walking taller, even with slinging my bag with the world in it.

PS – Megan, have one next week too! I’ll go!”

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June 4, 2012 |