Aleksey Igudesman

I came home this afternoon after ballet class fully expecting to sing through some arias.  Or practice belting.  One of the two.  Instead, I got stuck on youtube watching videos of my favorite musical comedy duo, Igudesman and Joo.  If you haven’t checked them out, you certainly should! I discovered a few videos that the violinist of group, Aleksey Igudesman, made where he plays the violin and dances.  Not only does he do this, he TEACHES his viewers how to do the dance steps he is doing while playing the violin, starting very slow and speeding up throughout the course of the video.  It’s certainly not meant to be an instructional video – but it is certainly good fun!  Since this blog is MUSCLES for MUSICIANS – I couldn’t help but share.  I hope he doesn’t mind me uploading his videos into the blog!

Bust out your violins and put on your dancing shoes!  Here is Aleksey Igudesman!

Interesting way to exercise.

Sorry to have been gone for a few days.  It’s been a strange week.  A friend recently shared this video with me and I thought I’d share.  It’s an at home exercise video designed to help you learn English. 

The phrases and exercises are quite comical in this context, but I wanted to take a moment to discuss multitasking whilst exercises.  If you are at the gym going to town on the elliptical, why not take a book?  I used to study French on the elliptical, and I’ve certainly seen people doing their biology homework!

If you’re watching t.v., why not take a moment to stretch?  Do some lunches, a split (or as much of a split as you can do), try and touch your toes, or do some sit ups.  (I like to do reps of 25 or 50 sit-ups, but you can set your own pace.  If you aren’t used to sit ups, start with reps at 10.)